A Day In The Life: How I Marloe with Michelle Qazi

It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect bag for your daily routine. To help you pick the right bag + color to suit your personal style, we started a campaign to showcase how some Marloe babes choose to use their Marloe leather goods!

This week we featured Michelle Qazi, owner of 6th and Detroit, a vintage home goods shop in Downtown Long Beach, CA. Michelle lives + breathes vintage goods. She hand picks and curates each piece she sell in her brick + mortar shop in the Arts District of downtown Long Beach, CA. Aside from vintage curating, Michelle is a mother of two, sweet, young boys + a Interior stylist. She's a lady boss on the go and needs a bag that can keep up + hold all of her essentials.  

We tagged along on one of her plant runs as she gave us some insight in why + how she uses her Marloe goods. Check out how she finds her Martina Backpack in Emerald useful for her day-to-day errands. 


How do you Marloe + where do get the most use of your Martina Backpack?  

"My Martina Backpack is the perfect bag for me because I am always on the go!  Whether I am shopping estate sales, plant nurseries, traveling or running errands with my boys, I need my hands free to get the job done.  I love that it is the most beautiful shade of green (which is my favorite color!) and the super soft buttery leather that only gets better with time.  And even if I’m dressed up or down, the Martina Backpack always feels chic."


What’s your favorite feature of your Marloe Bag?    

"My favorite feature of the bag is the ability to hold so much of my stuff without feeling like a bulky backpack.  No matter how much I put in it, it still remains looking like a fashionable piece."

Why did you choose green for your Martina Backpack and how you recommend other customers choose the best color for them?  

"It’s not a secret that green is an ultimate obsession of mine.  This particular green is a favorite.  It’s a rich shade that feels timeless and for all seasons.  It’s also considered a neutral for me and I can wear it with anything.  I think people should choose the color that speaks to them the most.  Regardless of whether or not it will match a lot of your outfits.  Because in the end, if you love it, you will wear it no matter what.  Not everything has to match and I am all about mixing in fashion and decor!"


Why do you choose to Marloe?

"I choose to Marloe because Analisa is my girl!  But really, she is one of the most talented women I know with so many skills it blows my mind.  I would do anything for her.  It is very important to me to support small businesses, especially women owned.  Marloe is such an exceptional hand crafted line with such gorgeous designs that feel classic and timeless."


Be sure to visit 6thanddetroit.com to get to know more about Michelle + her Vintage goods shop. You can also visit the shop location in the Arts District of downtown Long Beach, CA: 105-B Linden Ave Long Beach, CA 90802. 

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