Collaboration Over Competition

In a world where competition is everything, I have adopted a moto from my gal pal Dani of Dazey LA. Collaboration always over competition. 

I have always believed that team work trumps competition. My mother, a business owner herself along with my father, always told me "teamwork is powerful. Take this for example - a manager in a shop or an office, whatever the case may be, needs to be a team player even while being in charge. The manager teaches its employees everything there is to know and is right there in the trenches with everyone else, because when everyone is working together, we all succeed - when I succeed, you succeed."  

It's because of my mother's teaching why I am so open to coming together with other businesses and sharing ideas. When you work together, not only are you pushing each there to be better but you get to where you want to go faster without the fuss of competition. I feel that when you start to overly compete, you lose sight of where you really want to take your business and focus solely on winning the competition. 

I very much enjoy working with other lady bosses. Its time that we stop competing and start encouraging each other. We are all intelligent + strong women and the things we can accomplish together, with competition aside, are endless!


I have to thank Dani for inviting me to tag along on this amazing shoot! There was such an overwhelming positive feeling in the building that day. All of the ladies were interacting with each other in way that I don't think I have ever seen before in this industry. There was no tension, no competition for the spotlight. The girls were working together and encouraging each other to be silly and real. I cant wait to be a part of more shoots like this one!

Analisa JimenezComment