Production Process: Marloe x Dazey LA

It began with an email where I tried my luck at setting up a fun shoot with Dani. To my delight, Dani had a bigger vision of coming together and collaborating on a product. Of course I was completely on board! I don't even know if I mentioned it to Dani, but I was totally fan girling the first time we met for coffee and partnership talk. I think I only heard about 70% about what we talked about because I could not believe I was actually talking about designing with Dani of Dazey LA!

When Dani and I started conceptualizing designs for the clutches, we knew it would be a long experimenting process of seeing how ink would stick to leather. We were both game for the project, but neither of us had any idea how to go about achieving this look or if we could even find a production team willing to take on the task on experimenting. 

Because the idea of taking on this project fell into place in the middle of summer, we were already behind on product launching for summer. The only remedy for this was to expedite the entire process, which I'v never done before! Both Dani and I were excited about these clutches after completing a digital mock up, that I immediately started sourcing leather, zippers, ink and everything else needed for this collaboration. 

We were able to get the process going right away but soon after we hit wall after wall! Leather is a crazy material to work with sometimes! The leather was not absorbing ink because its leather. The ink has no where to go. We tried running the leather with the ink though a heat system to dry the ink. All this did was warp the leather and fry the edges a bit. It kept getting more and more frustrating by the day with this experimenting, that we were forced to go back to the drawing board. Dani and I changed the design slightly to achieve the look we wanted. Finally after so much trial and error, we had our final product!

We hope that you love these clutches as much as we do because they truly were a labor of love. Each clutch was thoughtfully hand made each step of the way! Shop the new clutch on our site, you'll love them, I promise! Click here to shop the Marloe x Dazey LA collection

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