How I Marloe: Sami Davis - The Unexpected Type

Say hello to this week's journal entry of our "How I Marloe" campaign - Sami Davis of The Unexpected Type!

I met Sami while working closely with the Rolling Green Nursery (based in Los Angeles)  Gals on a special project for Marloe. For me, it was an instant creative connection. I gravitate towards individuals that exude passion for all things creative! Sami is an incredibly warm spirit, with contagious positive energy. This holiday season will mark the first time Sami and I take on a special creative project, specifically designed to meet the requests of my Marloe shoppers! Here's what Sami had to share when we asked her to tell us a little bit about herself: 


"Ah! Such a daunting question :) I grew up between Colorado and SoCal in a creative family. When I hit my teens, I knew that that whichever career I had needed to have some artistic element!

After achieving a degree in Visual Communications at FIDM I've had positions in wardrobe styling, public relations, event production + styling, graphic design and  much more, my aesthetic has been nothing but experimental through my years as a designer. Illustration with pen and ink has become my go-to medium and now I'm a fulltime freelance artist who also does some floral work on the side ;) Most recently I launched my own patch + pin collection I designed myself! It's safe to say I have my hands in a million baskets, haha!

No matter what, I always strive to elevate what the world thinks “beautiful” means and encourage thinking outside all bounds. Bringing art + creative ambition to all aspects of life makes my heart the happiest. That– and a cold jasmine milk tea with boba!"


How do you Marloe + Where do get the most use of your Martina Backpack SM?

If I could be a brand ambassador for Marloe-- I totally would. That's how much I Marloe. I met Analisa through a colleague and we instantly clicked from there, turning into #girlboss friends who talked about collaborating, always bounce ideas off each other and continuously support each other. Marloe has become a lifestyle for me. I strive to represent my own style in a comfortable but very "me" way since I'm always on the go and running 10 million different projects. With Marloe I never have to compromise style, functionality or need for space for style. The bags are timeless despite being modern and ridiculously versatile. PLUS, they usually have more than one way to wear them and that is "SOLD" in my brain, haha!

I love that I can throw my art supplies in it at a moments notice and everything FITS. It's made my life easier, allowing me to be an artist on the go. I currently have a tape measure and washi tape also living permanently on the bottom because now I have space and can't live without 'em.

I use my Martina Backpack every single day! When I'm out at the flower mart picking up, running around grabbing supplies or just headed to the office-- it has become my necessity. I changed bags for a night for an event and felt naked without it! It's seriously the LBD of bags.... so wait the LBB! :) 


What’s your favorite feature of your Marloe Bag/s?

 I'm obsessed with a backpack. I'm a biggie on being able to keep my hands free, the fact that the Martina is everything I would want in a backpack and is freakishly beautiful is my favorite enough. I walked into Madwell, the mecca of leather, and all of the store associates were asking where my bag was from! It's a show stopper and so unique. Now I have the Velita in my closet and I'm equally obsessed to go hands free with it.

Why did you choose Black in the Martina Backpack SM? And how would you recommend others choose the best color that works for them? 

I like neutral colored bags and accessories because I tend to be a little crazier with what I'm actually wearing. I believe in buying handbags that are great quality, real leather that I know will last in my wardrobe for a long time regarding color and quality. (I'm not easy on my bags!) As a creative, I knew the natural color, which the only other color available at the time,  would most likely get paint on it, so I immediately went to black. 


How do you style your bag? Whether its day-to-night or strictly a work bag?

I wear it 24/7 so the real question is, how do I NOT style my bag :) It's essential for my work day, but I also wear it out. I can still get a good dance on without smacking anyone with my purse and am constantly hands-free. I know that I can wear it with anything. I even throw it on when I'm walking around town in workout gear. It's so freaking chic it goes with anything! 

Why do you choose to Marloe? 

All of the above. All of my mentors in my life are badass women who have built their own empires and have given me priceless wisdom and opportunities. I strive to be a fraction of what they have become in terms of becoming such powerhouses and kind, nurturing people. I'm humbled to also be surrounded by so many talented makers, women and men alike, and as one of them myself, find it so important to shop small and support each other. Most items these days you can find either handmade or made in the USA. It's a little pricier, but worth the quality. I'm all about buying quality right now in the fashion world, it makes the biggest difference all around (my mentor Erin Hirsh from The Voice taught me that!)

In addition, I simply love the brand Marloe and Analisa for what they are-- an innovative brand who is working hard and has a great customer experience. I also love leather (a lot.)


A note from Analisa | Marloe founder + designer: 

I hope this week's entry helped you get a better idea of what Marloe bag works best for you and your every day routine! I'd like so send very special thanks to Sami for sharing how she started her creative career path to small business woman, and her favorite ways to use + style her Martina Backpack!

Be sure to check her Instagram handle @theunexpectedtype and click on her shop link to shop her selection of artwork, enamel pins + patches. 


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