Thoughtfully Handmmade

in los Angeles, California



minimal, timeless design + functional leather goods

Established in 2014 and headquartered in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California in the rad little beach town of Long Beach, California. Each bag is thoughtfully designed + handmade in small batches using genuine leathers.


We produce all of our designs

in our warehouse studio

All of our designs are thoughtfully handmade in-house in small batches by Marloe founder, Analisa + her small team. We do this in order to reduce waste and allows us to focus more attention to detail in the production of each piece. We carefully scan the surface of each hide in order to use the cleanest surfaces. We work hard to limit the usage of scarred areas, but some minor scars do make it through our scanning process and we love the ‘real’ and unique touch that this adds to each bag. A big effort goes into using the majority of each hide in order to reduce waste. Our scraps are binned which are then used for our small leather goods + interactive community workshops. 

purchase materials locally

Our materials are purchased from local family owned + operated suppliers in Los Angeles, California. We know them by name and they know us! Why is this important? When we don’t have to get things imported or shipped to us, our costs go down. Lower costs mean better prices for our customers.


We strongly believe in slow fashion

We believe in slow fashion and thus, only release new styles about once a year, sometimes longer. We love to give our customers fun seasonal color options for our accessories, while still using our signature designs. 


We began designing pieces in March of 2014 with a simple goal of designing quality leather goods that can be carried over through ever-changing styles + trends, at affordable prices. We want to remain a thoughtfully handmade brand that makes a conscious effort to use sustainable practices while remaining affordable for the masses. Great design + great craftsmanship shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.


Meet Analisa,

Designer + Founder

EST. March 2014


A true handbag hoarder herself, she became frustrated with the lack of leather bag options at obtainable prices. she wanted to create simple, yet functional leather goods that didn’t require taking out a loan. She always believed that craftsmanship and attention to detail, shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag and shouldn’t compromise great design.

As an LA design grad with big dreams of producing her own designs, she left her stable full-time job to start her climb up an unknown (and sometimes scary) ladder called entrepreneurship. Analisa started Marloe in very humble beginnings woking out of her home office in a tiny nook,

She knew very little about leather in the beginning. With extensive research and talking to leather experts, she tried her hand at working with leather only to fail time and time again to produce a functioning leather handbag.

Five years later and now housed in a small warehouse in the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, Analisa produces quality leather goods with attention to detail. Each design is hand prepped and handmade in small batches by Analisa and her small team.

each piece is handmade, therefore, no two pieces are alike! I hope that my love for simple design + quality craftsmanship, shows through our Marloe leather goods.
— Analisa Jimenez | Founder