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sweatshop free IN Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

EST . March 2014


Our Story


Marloe is the perfect marriage of minimal, timeless designs + durable, functional leather goods. Headquartered in the outskirts of Los Angeles, CA (in the rad little beach town of Long Beach, CA)  each bag is thoughtfully designed + hand made using  genuine leathers.

We produce all of our designs in our warehouse studio, sweatshop free.  All of our designs are thoughtfully handmade in house in small batches by Analisa, Marloe Founder + her production assistants. We carefully scan the surface of each hide in order to use the cleanest, less scarred areas for each handbag. A big effort goes into using the majority of each hide in order to reduce waste. Whatever isn's directly used for our handbags, goes into our scrap bins that are then used for our Card Holder Wallets + interactive community workshops. 

We strongly believe in slow fashion and thus, only release new styles about once a year. We love to give our customers fun seasonal color options for our leathers, while still using our signature designs. 

Our goal is to design quality leather goods that can be carried over through ever-changing styles + trends.  We aim to always be US made, in sustainable practices while remaining affordable for the masses. 

With sustainable practices + thoughtfully handcrafted designs, this is one leather goods company you can feel good about supporting! 


Meet Analisa,

Designer + Founder

Born + raised in Southern California, Analisa always dreamt of owning her own creative trade while working closely with local Southern California businesses.  

As an LA design grad who had big dreams of working for herself and producing her own designs, she aims to always produce products that are thoughtfully designed + hand crafted in a sweatshop-free environment. 

Founded in March of 2014, Analisa started Marloe in very humble beginnings woking out of her home office in a tiny nook. Our self-taught founder began designing Marloe goods with the signature Everyday Tote, which then lead to the introduction of the leather goods available today. 


Now housed in a small warehouse in Bellflower, California (just outside of Long Beach California) Analisa produces quality leather goods with high attention to detail. Each design is hand prepped and hand made in small batches in order to obtain the highest quality in design + detail. Analisa hand-makes each piece herself with the aid of her production assistants in order to keep prices affordable for the masses. 

Because each piece is hand made, no two pieces are identical, and we love that! We hope that our love for simple design + quality craftsmanship, shows through our Marloe leather goods. 



Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you!


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We love what we do + we work hard to give you our best! So if you'd like to read our return policy before committing or if you need to return or exchange anything, please see our return policy by clicking the button below. 


Social Media Partnerships

We love working with bloggers + influencers! However, we only work with influencers who genuinely love our product and for this reason we do not partake in paid social media partnership. We want our customers to see a genuine appreciation of our designs and the care we put into the production of our goods.